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Alan Roden Using a New Plate Approach in 2024

Alan Roden Using a New Plate Approach in 2024

June 9, 2024

Photo credit: Charlie Neibergall

Outfielder Alan Roden is figuring out who he is at the plate this season. Roden, who spent the majority of his off-season training at the PDC, made some adjustments to his approach during his time down in Florida.

“I made some adjustments during the off-season,” explained Roden. “So, a lot of this season so far, about two months or so, is trying to learn myself as a hitter with those adjustments.”

And for Roden is not just adjusting physically but mentally as well.

“You know sometimes you make physical adjustments and the thing you don’t think about is the mental side of it,” Roden added. “And what you need to do mentally in terms of approach, what you’re looking for, and things you’re trying to do at the plate; and matching those two sides of the coin together to really make things work. I’m not refining myself as a hitter but rethinking things and making some adjustments.”

Roden is currently slashing .263/.372/.438 with an OPS of .810; after 194 at-bat for Double-A New Hampshire.

The prospect is working hard at the corner outfield spots too.

“Obviously, you can always improve and say things could be better but I’m working hard out there,” said Roden. “I’m trying to be the best I can be.”

Be sure to follow Alan Roden’s progress at the plate this season, as he continues to adjust to his new approach.