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Jordan Powell Throwing the Knuckleball More in 2024

Jordan Powell Throwing the Knuckleball More in 2024

May 7, 2024

Jordan Powell in 2024

Right-handed pitcher Jordan Powell has brought the knuckleball back with Low-A Dunedin. Powell, who used to throw a fastball prior to 2024; talks about his transition to throwing mostly knuckleballs.

“I’ve probably thrown the knuckleball since I was 10 years old,” said Powell. “It was a pitch that I threw maybe once or twice a game. It was never like, ‘Hey, we’re going to dive into this and become a knuckleballer’ that didn’t happen until this off-season.”

Currently using a two-pitch mix which also includes: a cutter, Powell talks about the frequency in which he uses his pitches.

“Right now I’m probably 95% knuckleballs and 5% cutters.” stated Powell.

Powell has pitched 4 1/3 to date; where he has 8 K’s, and opposing hitters are batting .278 against him.

“It’s kind of weird as a knuckleballer because I don’t go and get a scouting report on the hitters,” explained Powell. “They’re just like, ‘Hey, throw the knuckleball, throw it over the plate’ and it’s having success if I can throw it for a strike. That’s the biggest thing, these hitters want to take until they get a strike on them, so you hope that the knuckleball will land in the strike zone.”

Powell is currently working out of the bullpen – a role that he enjoys, “The thing I like best about the bullpen is if I’m throwing one inning, they can literally throw me six days a week if they wanted to,” stated Powell. “I’ll say that’s fun being able to say, ‘Hey, at anytime I’ll be able to come out and compete’ and be out on the field.”

Be sure to follow Jordan Powell’s progress with his knuckleball this season.