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Pat Gallagher Added Two Pitches to his Repertoire Prior to 2024

Pat Gallagher Added Two Pitches to his Repertoire Prior to 2024

April 29, 2024

Photo credit: Niall O’Donohoe

Right-handed pitcher Pat Gallagher has added a sinker and a cutter to his repertoire prior to the 2024 season.

“I added a sinker and a cutter,” stated Gallagher. “I really only threw the 4-seam last year, I kind of had a 2-seam, but now it’s a cutter and a sinker.”

Currently using his sinker more than his 4-seam, Gallagher explains how he executes both pitches.

“The 4-seam definitely keeps me higher, and I now throw the sinker a lot more to help me get under some bats,” explained Gallagher. “If they’re looking for a fastball that’s going to rise or have a lot of vertical movement, I’m going to throw that sinker right below their bat. It gets a lot of ground balls. “

And Gallagher started to develop the cutter at the end of the 2023 season with the help of Vancouver Canadians’ pitching coach Austin Bibens-Dirkx.

“It definitely took a little bit of time,” Gallagher said of the cutter’s development. “But once I had the right grip it improved a lot. ABD our pitching coach here helped a lot with the grip for that. I kept testing it out and throwing it during the off-season and it ended up working out really well. It’s a pitch where I can get guys off-balance, it’s not a putaway pitch, but it’s a pitch where I can steal a strike if a guy is looking for a fastball.”

Making the jump up to High-A last August, Gallagher talks about what he feels is necessary for his next promotion to Double-A.

“I think I need to get the velo up a little bit and execute a little better,” said Gallagher. “I think I’ll be able to make that jump.”

Be sure to follow Pat Gallagher’s progress throughout the season.