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Jordan Romano and Erik Swanson Ready to Return to Toronto

Jordan Romano and Erik Swanson Ready to Return to Toronto

April 15, 2024

Jordan Romano and Erik Swanson (MLB.com)

The Toronto Blue Jays’ bullpen is about to get a boost from the return of both setup man Erik Swanson and 2x all-star closer Jordan Romano.

Both pitchers said they’re feeling good on the mound after a rehab appearance with Triple-A Buffalo on Saturday.

“I feel good,” said Swanson. “My body has felt good the last two outings, my stuff has been there, so ultimately it’s up to them.”

Romano was echoing a similar sentiment, “I feel good,” stated Romano. “Day on, day off, day on, pain-free, so I feel that hurdle is over.”

Swanson was happy with his pitch movement on Saturday, “I feel like everything was pretty good,” explained Swanson. “A couple guys that I got behind on but going back and looking at things afterwards, I felt my movement is where I need it to be right now. For me, I’m a big adrenaline guy, so pitching for bigger crowds sometimes helps to spike my velo up a tick or two. But I think the most important thing was feeling good off the mound.”

Romano pitched earlier in the game than he’s used to doing so, which changed his mentality a little bit.

“It was different for sure,” said Romano. “I’m used to pitching in high-leverage situations and I think I strive on that but I should be able to pitch in any situation for sure.”

Toronto Blue Jays’ fans are eagerly waiting for their return.