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Addison Barger Developing Well in the Outfield

Addison Barger Developing Well in the Outfield

April 14, 2024

Photo credit: MLB.com

Prospect Addison Barger has been expanding his versatility by playing games in the outfield for Triple-A Buffalo. Barger, who had only played games in the infield prior to his time in Buffalo has found the transition to be an easy one so far.

“It has been pretty good,” said Barger. “I think it’s an easier transition going infield to outfield than outfield to infield, so it hasn’t been too bad.”

Barger’s outfield play has consisted of 37 games in RF to date while still splitting time in the infield.

The prospect feels he has good range in right field, “I’d say my play is fine,” explained Barger. “I don’t really look at the metrics or anything but I make the plays and have a good arm.”

Currently slashing .292/.414/.479 with an OPS of .893 after 48 at-bats this season; Barger is making continual adjustments to his approach and having success with it.

“I think I’m doing well,” stated Barger. “I’m making adjustments every day. I’m putting in the work and letting it play.”

Knocking on the door of a big league call-up, Barger feels there’s only one thing left that he needs to do to get there.

“I just need to put up big numbers.” stated Barger.

Be sure to follow Addison Barger’s progress this season, as he gets more reps in the outfield, while having success at the plate.