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Troy Watson Preparing for Any Pitching Role Next Season

Troy Watson Preparing for Any Pitching Role Next Season

November 17, 2023

Photo By Michael J. Collins

Right-handed pitcher Troy Watson is working on every pitch this off-season as he prepares for whatever the Toronto Blue Jays’ ask of him moving forward.

“I think I’m in a very unique spot in baseball because since I have started my entire life and can still start, I feel the Jays’ have a hybrid role with me,” stated Watson. “Meaning I can spot start if needed and get 15 outs for the boys. Or I can come in 1st out of the bullpen and eat innings because I have the history of going long into games. Or since I’ve been in the back end of the bullpen for the first time I can now close out games. So the Jays’ have 96-98 that they can use from 1 out to 15 outs. So my off-season goal is to continue developing all of my pitches and make sure to be ready for anything.”

Currently using a five-pitch mix of: a 4-seam fastball, a 2-seam fastball, a changeup, a slider, and a curveball; Watson has noticed increased velocity with his 4-seamer since having Tommy John surgery.

“Right now, I’m kind of sitting 97-98 with a couple 99s,” said Watson. “I can’t quite hit the 100 yet, but will get there no problem.”

Watson split time between Double-A and Triple-A in 2023; where he pitched 59 2/3 innings racking up 54 K’s.

The righty didn’t notice a huge difference between the two levels, “To me, I didn’t think there was a distinctive difference between Double-A and Triple-A,” explained Watson. “The only thing I can think of was the mental realization of how far you’ve come and how close you are.”

Be sure to watch for Troy Watson next season, as he’ll be ready for any role.