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Kai Peterson Hoping to Add a Slider

Kai Peterson Hoping to Add a Slider

October 31, 2023

Photo credit: Sierra College

Left-handed pitcher Kai Peterson is looking to improve a few areas of his game before making his professional debut in 2024.

“I’m trying to put on weight and work on my command a little bit,” explained Peterson. “Ideally, I want to add a tighter slider to complement my curveball.”

Peterson’s slider is currently in the developmental phase, “I have been playing around with it during coach,” Peterson added. “I haven’t thrown it from the mound yet.”

Pitching 84 innings at Sierra College in 2023; Peterson racked up 127 K’s while using a three-pitch mix of: a 4-seam fastball, a curveball, and a changeup.

“I live at the top of the zone and mainly throw the curveball off of it,” Peterson said of his fastball. “That’s kind of how I pitched all year. I try to land it for a strike and get the hitters to chase as much as possible.”

His curveball comes into play more versus lefties, “I take pride in being tough on hitters,” stated Peterson. “I definitely bully lefties with the curveball.”

Peterson is looking forward to pitching again next season, “I’m looking forward to getting out there and competing again,” said Peterson. “I miss being out there playing games – that’s my favorite part. I’m hoping to be on a higher level team after spring training.”

And he’s willing to do whatever role is presented to him by the Toronto Blue Jays’ organization.

“I’ll do whatever the team needs,” stated Peterson. “I have experience as both a starter and a reliever. I like starting a little better because the 5-day routine is easier on the body. But if they need me to be a reliever, I’ll do it. I can get hot fast.”

Be sure to follow Kai Peterson’s progress next season.