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Hayden Juenger Learned a lot with Triple-A Buffalo

Hayden Juenger Learned a lot  with Triple-A Buffalo

October 4, 2023

Photo credit: The Athletic

Right-handed pitcher Hayden Juenger learned a lot about himself in 2023 while pitching exclusively for Triple-A Buffalo.

“I think the biggest takeaway was don’t get too high and don’t get too low,” stated Juenger. “Just try to stay as even as possible. I learned a lot about myself from my 2023 season.”

Juenger pitched 75 1/3 innings for Triple-A Buffalo racking up 92 K’s.

Working as both a starter and a reliever is something Juenger takes pride in.

“I do take pride in my versatility,” said Juenger. “I think that is something that not every pitcher can do, so it can be a valuable piece.”

The righty got a better taste of facing Triple-A hitters in 2023, too.

“I noticed it more this year than last year, but how mature the hitters are,” explained Juenger. “They go up there with a plan and they stick with the plan. I thought the hitters were better in 2023.”

And after a full season in Triple-A, Juenger knows what he needs to do to get to the big leagues.

“I think I need to be more consistent, in all areas of the game,” stated Juenger. “I think from a skill standpoint it’s close, but the players in the big leagues are more consistent.”

Be sure to follow Hayden Juenger next season, as he makes a push for a big league call-up.