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Chad Dallas Got his First Taste of Double-A Baseball in 2023

Chad Dallas Got his First Taste of Double-A Baseball in 2023

September 17, 2023

Photo credit: Caleb Jones/Tennessee Athletics

Right-handed pitcher Chad Dallas had a successful 2023 season that saw him pitch 123 1/3 innings between High-A and Double-A. Dallas, who finished the season with 144 K’s and a WHIP of 1.19 after 23 starts between the two levels talks about the differences between High-A and Double-A.

“They’re a little more experienced in Double-A,” said Dallas. “The guys have a better approach, and they adjust to you faster. But I also feel it benefits me because I’m able to adjust to them faster too.”

Getting his first taste of Double-A baseball this season Dallas talks about what he noticed from the hitters.

“The hitters don’t chase as much,” explained Dallas. “If you’re not ahead in a count, it’s a lot harder to get guys out compared to High-A. You can’t fool the hitters as much in Double-A. They will occasionally chase because baseball is hard, but it’s not as often. It’ll be even harder in Triple-A and in the big leagues because hitters get better as they move up the levels.”

Currently using a five-pitch mix of: a 4-seam fastball, a slider, a curveball, a changeup, and a cutter; Dallas talks about how he works off his fastball.

“I use a lot of spin,” explained Dallas. “I try to establish the fastball early and work in a lot of off-speed pitches. My cutter and changeup both tunnel well off my fastball.”

And he also likes having two breaking balls in his repertoire, “I really like that they open up the arsenal,” Dallas added about his slider and curveball. “I can use both of them as chase pitches.”

Be sure to follow Chad Dallas next season, and for years to come.