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Alan Roden Made Adjustments at the Plate Prior to the 2023 Season

Alan Roden Made Adjustments at the Plate Prior to the 2023 Season

August 18, 2023

Photo credit: Susan McGowan

Outfielder Alan Roden is having a breakout season. Roden, who has recently moved up to the #7 prospect in the Toronto Blue Jays’ system made a few adjustments to his approach since turning pro that are really helping him at the plate.

“I’ve made a few adjustments in terms to how aggressive I am at the plate in certain counts,” explained Roden. “I’ve moved my batting stance in order to free some things up. But mostly mental adjustments with what I’m trying to do at the plate just because of pitching.”

He’s currently slashing .318/.435/.459 with an OPS of .894 after 355 at-bats split between High-A and Double-A.

Roden’s approach at the plate is based off the fastball.

“It’s all about being ready for the fastball,” stated Roden. “That is how you have to approach a lot of these pitchers because they have good heaters. If you can’t be on that, you won’t be able to do anything with the off-speed pitches. Staying on the heater, picking spots to be aggressive, and making good decisions at the plate is what I try to do.”

Roden currently splits time between left field and right field.

He really likes playing both positions, “The positions are pretty similar for me,” said Roden. “I don’t really mind one over the other. It’s just about being ready to make the play in whatever spot I’m at that day.”

And he’s also focused on doing the best he can in the field every day.

“It just depends what you’re getting,” stated Roden. “A backspin ball is different than one tailing away. Each play requires something different and I just do the best I can.”

Be sure to follow Alan Roden’s progress this season, and for years to come.