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Chay Yeager Merely Pitching in Pro Ball

Chay Yeager Merely Pitching in Pro Ball

July 17, 2023

Photo credit: Annika Pepper

Right-handed pitcher Chay Yeager was selected on day three of the 2023 MLB draft last week. Yeager, wo was a two-way player in college is looking forward to just pitching in pro ball.

“It’s not as stressful on my arm as playing third base and pitching and then playing third base again in the third game,” stated Yeager. “It’s nice only focusing on one thing, especially at a level this high.”

Pitching 69 1/3 innings in 2023; Yeager racked up 102 K’s and had a WHIP of 1.44.

He currently uses a four-pitch mix of: a 4-seam fastball, a 2-seam fastball, a slider, and a changeup.

“I like to get ahead in counts with my fastball,” explained Yeager. “After I get ahead, I come with the off-speed.”

Yeager feels his changeup tunnels well off his fastball, “Yeah, my fastball doesn’t have a big difference in speed but it has good movement to it,” Yeager added. “I just need to work at slowing the changeup down a bit and I think it’ll be a really good pitch for me.”

Splitting time between the infield and the mound in both high school and college has helped Yeager understand pitching better.

“I’ve been a hitter my whole life so I know what hitters want,” explained Yeager. “I mix them up a little bit and being on the mound as a position player, I can field my position well.”

And Yeager has already pitched in a major league stadium prior to turning pro, “My favorite baseball moment was winning my state championship my senior year of high school at Truist Park,” said Yeager. “I threw seven innings, two hits, and 10 strikeouts. That was awesome getting a ring.”

Hopefully Chay Yeager will get another ring in pro ball.