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Josh Mollerus Looking to Develop his Changeup More with the Blue Jays’

Josh Mollerus Looking to Develop his Changeup More with the Blue Jays’

July 14, 2023

Photo credit: University of Oregon Athletics

Right-handed pitcher Josh Mollerus is excited to begin his pro career in hopes of finding the missing pieces needed to make him a great pitcher.

“I’m looking forward to continuing my development,” said Mollerus. “I’ve learned bits and pieces of stuff throughout my college career. But I still think there are a few things missing that could really make me a great pitcher. I haven’t been able to find those pieces yet, so I want to find those pieces so I can complete my puzzle and fully develop.”

One thing he would like to add is a changeup to his repertoire, “It’s coming along fine,” explained Mollerus. “I’ve only been throwing it for a couple weeks. I’m definitely starting to get a moving profile for it. But obviously, with the pitch designers here with the Blue Jays hopefully we can find a combination of metrics and a grip that we really like and can work with.”

Mollerus currently works with a two-pitch mix of: a 4-seam fastball and a slider.

The righty talks about how he works off his fastball, “Throwing it as hard as I can,” stated Mollerus. “Living near the top of the zone or going down with it if I need to. The slider off of that, it’s a two-plane gyro slider so having that break down hard off it makes them look the same until they break their separate directions.”

If the changeup works as planned, Mollerus wants it to look similar to his other pitches for tunneling reasons.

“I’m working the changeup to look exactly like those two,” Mollerus added. “I want it to be a harder offering but break down and arm side for me.”

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