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Braden Barry Takes Pride in his Defense

Braden Barry Takes Pride in his Defense

July 13, 2023

Photo credit: West Virginia University Athletics

Outfielder Braden Barry was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays’ in the 8th round of the 2023 MLB draft. Barry, who is known for his excellent defensive play takes a lot of pride in his range.

“I’d say it’s among the best I’ve seen,” Barry said of his range. “I take pride in my outfield play – I really truly believe that is one of the strongest parts of my game. I’m very confident out there on any ball or anything in the gap, I feel I have the range to get to.”

Barry can play all three outfield positions but he likes center field the best, “I’ve played every position,” explained Barry. “I feel the outfield is pretty interchangeable. I’m super comfortable out there at every position, but I prefer playing center field. It’s the one I’ve played the longest, and it’s kind of like the general of the outfield. You can take control out there, you have the most room to run and make the highlight reel type catches.”

But Barry is also a reliable bat. He slashed .290/.383/.511 with an OPS of .894 after 231 at-bats for West Virginia in 2023.

His success at the plate comes from keeping things simple, “I’m keeping it simple,” stated Barry. “I’m just trying to hunt my pitch and do damage in the middle of the field. I’m not trying to do too much, and it varies depending on who we’re facing and stuff. But mostly it’s doing damage in the middle of the field on fastballs.”

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