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2022 MLB Draft Experiences – Day Three

2022 MLB Draft Experiences – Day Three

July 11, 2023

Photo credit: MLB.com

Day three of the MLB draft will begin at 2 PM EST today.

Last year, the Blue Jays’ signed seven of their 10 day three selections. Hear what four of those seven selections had to say about their draft experience.

RHP Pat Gallagher drafted in the 11th round (338th overall) out of the University of Connecticut

“It was a fun process,” Gallagher said of the draft. “I was back home. I wasn’t playing summer ball and they were in contact with me throughout the draft. On day three we reached an agreement, and I couldn’t be more excited. It was a very special day for my family and I for sure.”

IF Michael Turconi drafted in the 15th round (458th overall) out of Wake Forest University

“It was a little stressful,” explained Turconi. “You know being a senior, you don’t know what’s going to happen, so there was a little stress in there. But once it happened it was probably one of the greatest feelings of my life.”

LHP Ryan Chasse drafted in the 17th round (518th overall) out of Campbell University

“I had heard from a couple teams before the draft, but nothing was guaranteed,” said Chasse. “I had heard from the Blue Jays during the second and third days and I was fortunate to get a call from the NC area scout in the 17th round.”

RHP Gage Stanifer drafted in the 19th round (578th overall) out of Westfield High School in Indiana

“It was great,” explained Stanifer. “It was obviously a couple day process, but the big thing was talking the decision over with my family. Obviously, the 19th round out of high school isn’t ideal because you have college and everything. But I felt talking it over with my family was important because I didn’t really want to go to college. And having the support of my family and getting an inside view from one of the pitching coaches with the Blue Jays’ now that I’ve worked with since 2017 made the decision a lot easier.”

Who will the Blue Jays select on day three this year?