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2022 MLB Draft Experiences – Day One

2022 MLB Draft Experiences – Day One

July 9, 2023

Photo credit: MLB.com

The MLB draft kicks off tonight at 7 PM EST with rounds 1 and 2 being selected.

Last year, the Toronto Blue Jays’ made four selections on day one of the draft – hear what three of those four selections had to say about their draft experience.

SS/3B Josh Kasevich drafted in the 2nd round (60th overall) out of the University of Oregon

“It was kind of crazy,” Kasevich said of his draft experience. “It was just me and my family. My girlfriend was there. We were just kind of waiting around. I think it started at 4 California time and I didn’t really hear anything until 8:30 or 9. We were just sitting around waiting and I finally got the call. It was awesome – it kind of made the whole day worth it.”

SS/3B Tucker Toman drafted in the 2nd round (77th overall) out of the Hammond School

“It was a crazy experience,” Toman recalls. “I was really looking forward to getting the draft day over with basically. It was a surreal experience and I really wanted to end up with the Blue Jays so I’m glad things fell where they did. I was very excited.”

2B/3B Cade Doughty drafted in the 2nd round (78th overall) out of Louisiana State University

“It was good,” Doughty explained of the draft. “I was really blessed to be in that situation so I had fun with it. I was able to go to the draft combine right before it so I was able to meet with a lot of teams beforehand. It was an awesome experience.”

Who will the Blue Jays’ select on day one this year?