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Ryan McCarty Playing More at Third Base in 2023

Ryan McCarty Playing More at Third Base in 2023

June 8, 2023

Photo credit: MiLB.com

Infielder Ryan McCarty is playing a little more third base this season with Low-A Dunedin. McCarty, who grew up playing second base explains what he likes about the hot corner.

“I like third base because it’s a real challenge,” said McCarty. “You’re going to get a lot of hard hit balls at you. You have to react fast and be very agile on your feet – and very quick. I love being an attribute on defense as much as I can. I’m always looking to make any adjustments I have to – whether I’m at third, second, or even one day in the outfield. I do really like third base and getting in there for the challenge, as it’s one of the longest throws across the infield and of course all of the missiles you can get.”

Playing 19 games at third base this season and another six games at second base; McCarty talks about his transition to third.

“Second base was my main position growing up until my second year of college when they moved me to shortstop,” explained McCarty. “I’m naturally comfortable over there, I’d say. Me training for third base was more of a priority for me here to get my footwork right, see what kind of hops come into play, etc. When you’re at third base – you have a lot less time to react, sometimes the balls are a little choppier; where at second base you have a little more time and the ground balls are usually smoother.”

And at the plate, McCarty has adjusted well to professional pitching.

“I’m starting to understand what early and slow timing looks like,” explained McCarty who currently has an OPS of .692 with Low-A Dunedin. “One of the main goals of my off-season was to adjust to velo.”