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Nick Fraze Enjoying his New Role

Nick Fraze Enjoying his New Role

May 11, 2023

Photo credit: milb.com

Right-handed pitcher Nick Fraze is enjoying his new role as a reliever who makes an occasional spot start. Fraze, whose last two seasons were cut short by injury is liking his smaller workload this season.

“I expected some kind of change because the past few years I’ve gotten hurt and I’ve only thrown 60 innings,” said Fraze. “I really didn’t deserve another starting spot this season. My goal this year is to get healthy and collect as many innings as I can. I want to get built back up and I enjoy the flexibility of doing both roles.”

Splitting time between Double-A and Triple-A this season; Fraze has logged 14 1/3 innings racking up 12 K’s.

“I’d say the biggest difference with Triple-A is the age of the players and their approach,” stated Fraze. “They’re people who have played the game longer, so they understand the game better. Every time a hitter comes up against me they have an approach and know what pitch they’re looking for. In Double-A guys kind of get in swing mode.”

Currently using a five-pitch mix of: a 4-seam fastball, a 2-seam sinking fastball, a cutter, a slider, and a changeup; Fraze talks about how he works off his fastball.

“I use my sinker with righties,” explained Fraze. “I start it out down the middle and it runs in on their hands – which opens up my slider. It’s a little different with lefties – I throw my changeup for a strike early and make sure I establish the zone. After that I’m able to throw my sinker in, which opens up my changeup away, and my slider down and away.”

Be sure to follow Nick Fraze this year, as he looks to stay healthy in his new role.