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Riley Tirotta Working Hard at New Positions

Riley Tirotta Working Hard at New Positions

April 19, 2023

Photo credit: University of Dayton Athletics

Prospect Riley Tirotta is moving around the diamond more since turning pro. Tirotta, who entered pro ball as a third baseman in 2021 is now playing more at first base this season with High-A Vancouver.

“My footwork is getting there,” Tirotta said of first base. “Just working different scenarios pregame and things like that in practice has helped me. It’s not 100% there yet but it’s definitely getting better. I think playing over there a little more this season will help me be solid over there and will allow me to be put there more often.”

Appearing in two games at first base so far this season and one game in right field has allowed Tirotta to become more versatile than he thought he would be entering pro ball.

“I’m proud of the fact that they feel comfortable to put me in multiple positions other than third base,” said Tirotta. “I think it’s something that could carry me to have a long career in this game. It wasn’t something I was expecting when I entered pro ball, but it happened. I’m going to take full advantage of it and become the best at those positions that I can be.”

Tirotta feels his play in the outfield has been improving during BP, “There are different angles,” explained Tirotta. “So, getting reps during batting practice and seeing the ball off the bat has really helped me especially in the outfield.”

Tirotta is also seeing the ball well at the plate.

Currently 3-for-9 with an OPS of 1.122 in 2023; Tirotta discusses the changes to his plate approach since turning pro.

“I’ve tried to be more on time,” stated Tirotta. “I’m thinking in college it was a little bit easier to not focus so much on the timing. In pro ball the reaction time is much quicker, so really focusing on my gathering and my load.”

Be sure to follow Riley Tirotta’s progress, as he continues to work hard in the field and at the plate.