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Troy Watson Loving his New Role

Troy Watson Loving his New Role

November 30, 2022

Photo courtesy of Troy Watson’s Twitter

Right-handed pitcher Troy Watson was back on the mound – and in a new role in 2022. Watson, who began his career as a starter moved to the bullpen this year and he’s loving his new role.

“The biggest thing I love about my new role is how much I get to compete,” said Watson. “Being a starter I would only get the ball every 5th or 6th day, but as a reliever I can pitch three times in a week. I also love it because I’m one of the biggest competitors I know. I want the ball in my hand when the game is on the line. I might fail, or things might not go my way all the time. But I’ve never been scared of the big moments. I like that stuff.”

Pitching 29 innings among three levels in 2022; Watson racked up 39 K’s and had an impressive 1.10 WHIP.

Watson would later make nine relief appearances in the AFL to wrap up his year.

“It was all about learning,” Watson said of his AFL experience. “My main focus was to learn what other relievers did in their routine that helped them and so forth.”

He also got a taste of what pitching will be like at higher levels.

“One thing about the AFL hitters that I noticed was a difference in their approaches,” explained Watson. “Like I would get away with more pitches that were right there, but with their approach, and what they’re looking for, I’d throw a really good pitch and they’d barrel it up. It’s more of a chess match as you move up and face better hitters.”

Be sure to follow Troy Watson next season, as he continues to love his bullpen role.