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Tucker Toman Working Hard at Both Sides of the Game

Tucker Toman Working Hard at Both Sides of the Game

November 28, 2022

Photo courtesy of Tucker Toman’s Instagram

Infielder Tucker Toman made an instant impact in the FCL in 2022. Toman, who slashed .289/.391/.361 with an OPS of .759 after 38 at-bats this summer; looked good at the plate in his first professional season.

Toman credits his plate approach to his early success in pro ball.

“Plate approach is a big thing here with the Blue Jays’ and it has helped me a lot,” explained Toman. “I’m just staying in my zone and crushing balls that are over the heart of the plate. Our motto is damage in the heart, so I always look in the middle and lay off the nasty stuff.”

Another thing that helps Toman is switch-hitting.

“I think it’s a huge benefit,” Toman said of switch-hitting. “Lefties who throw across their body like Chris Sale are hard to hit for left-handers. I think it’s a huge advantage because breaking balls go into your barrel instead of away. I have to stay on the changeup now. But I think it’s a really big advantage, and it’s a really nice tool to have for sure.”

A natural lefty, Toman is happy with his ability to hit right-handed, too.

“I’m naturally left-handed but my right-handed swing has come a long ways,” Toman added. “It varies day by day but you always have to be consistent. I try to swing a lot from both sides.”

Appearing in games at third base and shortstop during his first season; Toman says he’s comfortable at both positions – but he is willing to move around the diamond as needed.

“It’s going well so far,” said Toman. “I’ve done a lot of work at shortstop with our infield guys. Third base is my natural position which I’ve played the majority of my life, but shortstop is really becoming a home for me. It’s been a really good transition flipping between those because I’ve played a lot of innings at third base and now I’m playing a lot of innings at shortstop. For me, I really just want to be in the lineup, so I’ll play in the outfield, second base, first base, or catcher. I caught when I was younger so whatever helps the team the most I’ll do it to be in the lineup.”

Be sure to follow Tucker Toman, as he continues to work hard at both sides of the game.