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Hayden Juenger Moved to the Bullpen in Triple-A

Hayden Juenger Moved to the Bullpen in Triple-A

November 24, 2022

Photo credit: Brian M. Frank

Right-handed pitcher Hayden Juenger just completed his first full season of pro ball in 2022.

“My biggest takeaways were just trying to stay in the present and not worry about anything else, I just let everything fall into place,” explained Juenger. “I also just got to experience how long a full season is and what it does to your body.”

Pitching 88 2/3 innings between Double-A and Triple-A in 2022; Juenger experienced both sides of pitching, as he was primarily a starter in Double-A before moving to the bullpen in Triple-A.

“I like the bullpen role because it kind of has a different feel to the game than starting in my opinion,” said Juenger. “You usually come out of the bullpen when the game is in a tight spot or when there’s an at-bat that can swing the game one way or another. I usually live for the more intense moments so I didn’t mind coming out of the bullpen.”

Juenger had a great season no matter what role he was in – as he finished the year with 100 K’s and a WHIP of 1.13.

Juenger noticed a more disciplined approach from the hitters in Triple-A, “The biggest difference with the hitters was how mature they were,” stated Juenger. “They will take what you give them and not try to do anything special.”

Be sure to follow Hayden Juenger’s 2023 season, as he continues to enjoy his bullpen role.