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Sean Mellen Pitching with More Confidence

Sean Mellen Pitching with More Confidence

September 20, 2022

Photo credit: Northeastern University Athletics

Left-handed pitcher Sean Mellen had a breakout season in 2022. Mellen, who posted career bests in strikeouts (80), WHIP (1.24), and ERA (3.00) feels his breakout season came about from his increased confidence on the mound.

“I feel I’ve been pitching with more confidence lately as I know I can get guys out,” said Mellen. “I’ve used my fastball a little more this year than I did last year. It’s things like that and continuing to develop that. Things like where to throw a fastball and when to throw it.”

Currently using two secondary pitches, Mellen features a slider and a changeup in his repertoire which he mixes in frequently.

Mellen feels his changeup is his best off-speed pitch, “The changeup has been my best off-speed pitch for a while,” explained Mellen. “Being able to pair fastball and changeup has been really good for me. It keeps hitters off-balance if they’re starting to get on the fastball or if I don’t want to throw them a fastball, I can throw them a changeup for a strike.”

The lefty feels both of his off-speed pitches tunnel well off his fastball.

“I think they both pair well with the fastball,” Mellen added. “Fastball and changeup have always been a classic pair – and I feel sliders are probably one of the harder pitches for hitters to hit – so I feel if you can throw that for a strike it pairs well.”

And with the minor league season in the books, Mellen has a few goals for his off-season preparation.

“I want to add velocity and get stronger,” explained Mellen. “I think if I stay on that path, I’ll be in good shape next year.”

Be sure to follow Sean Mellen’s progress next season.