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Paxton Schultz Adjusted his Repertoire in 2022

Paxton Schultz Adjusted his Repertoire in 2022

September 18, 2022

Photo credit: Utah Valley University Athletics

Right-handed pitcher Paxton Schultz has adjusted his repertoire during the 2022 season. Schultz, who came over to the Blue Jays’ system a year ago has transitioned his sinking fastball into a cutter.

“I’ve added a little cutter and I don’t throw the sinker anymore,” explained Schultz. “My 4-seam fastball is what they focus on, it’s what they call a ‘special pitch’ and it gets good usage. I’ve added a little cutter to it to miss more barrels.”

Schultz learned how to throw the cutter from a teammate, “It was actually a teammate his name is Brady Lail,” Schultz added. “We picked him up this year. He showed me his grip and it was very comfortable for me and very easy to throw so I started working with it. I enjoy throwing it.”

And the cutter plays well off his slider, “I’m throwing the slider harder so that’s why we went to the cutter,” stated Schultz. “I was able to get similar movement with more velocity and they’re trending in the right direction.”

Pitching 104 2/3 innings in Double-A this season; Schultz racked up 99 K’s and opposing hitters batted .252 against him.

The righty definitely noticed a jump in talent going from High-A a year ago to Double-A this season.

“I’d say it’s the biggest jump in the minor league system,” Schultz said of the jump from High-A to Double-A. “The approach the hitters have is definitely a step up. They’re a little more polished and looking for a specific pitch to do damage on. You really have to learn how to pitch with quality in every count.”

Be sure to follow Paxton Schultz next season, as he continues to throw his cutter and make quality pitches with one of the Blue Jays’ affiliates.