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LJ Talley Simplifying Things at the Plate

LJ Talley Simplifying Things at the Plate

August 28, 2022

Photo credit: John Amis/AP/Shutterstock

Infielder LJ Talley has been putting up better numbers at the plate since joining Triple-A Buffalo this season. Talley, who turned pro in 2019 has made some adjustments to his plate approach since then and they’re paying off.

“I kind of raised my hands a little bit and it got me to where I’m not doing as much,” explained Talley. “Before I had my hands lower, and I was trying to figure out when to load with my hands, and I was getting stuck in a position just not knowing where to get and it was locking me up. I just made things simpler. I’m getting my hands in a ready position, so I don’t have to do much really. I’m just simplifying things and it has made it easier to adjust to any pitch.”

Currently slashing .252/.329/.389 with an OPS of .718 after 306 at-bats; split between Double-A and Triple-A has been nice to see from Talley this season.

And with 22 extra base hits on the season which includes: 10 doubles, four triples, and eight home runs; Talley feels his production is coming from his simplified approach and his maturity as a player.

“Yeah, it’s from simplifying my approach, getting a little older, and knowing I belong,” Talley added. “It’s from all of that stuff – being more prepared, just getting older, more mature, and knowing I belong.”

His approach has come a long way since 2019, “I’m more confident and mature,” said Talley. “I’m looking over scouting reports. I used to just go into games and hope for the best and now I’m kind of studying the pitchers and I have a routine in the cage. I’m being more of a student of the game instead of just going out there and playing.”

Another area Talley is improving is in the field. Entering pro ball as a second baseman, Talley also plays first base and third base – a role he did a little bit in college – but more so now in pro ball.

“In college I played a little bit of first and third but second was really the only position for me,” stated Talley. “But whatever they need me to do here, I’ll do it. It can be a little hard sometimes because you’re not just at one position all the time. I think I’ve adjusted pretty well, and I continue to practice at every position.”

Be sure to follow LJ Talley, as he continues to have success at the plate and work hard in the field.