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Irv Carter Using his 2-Seam Fastball Again

Irv Carter Using his 2-Seam Fastball Again

August 25, 2022

Photo credit: Perfect Game

Right-handed pitcher Irv Carter has added his 2-seam fastball back to his repertoire this month. Carter, who used a 2-seamer in high school did away with the pitch this spring – but he’s using it again.

“It’s funny I actually threw the 2-seam last year in high school but scratched it in spring training,” explained Carter. “I’d say in the last couple of my rookie-ball starts I started throwing it again and had good success with it. The velo has been really good on it and I’m throwing it in fastball counts so me having that second fastball in my back pocket has been really good.”

And Carter feels his 2-seam complements his 4-seam well, “I love my 4-seam and I love throwing my 4-seam up in the zone,” Carter added. “But I really like the batter seeing something off my 4-seam that’s still hard. All I need the 2-seam to do is move a tad and that’s all I need. I like throwing that pitch on counts like 2-1, 1-0, 3-1 or even to start the count off – I feel good throwing it to lefties trying to backdoor it and keeping it to the outside of the plate to righties.”

Also using a slider and a changeup in his repertoire; Carter feels comfortable throwing his off-speed pitches in any count.

“The slider is my bread and butter pitch,” stated Carter. “I can throw it 0-0, 2-2, 0-2, I just love throwing that pitch in any count. The same goes for the changeup. I can throw either pitch in any count and have success doing so.”

Pitching 40 2/3 innings between the FCL and Dunedin this season; Carter has racked up 47 K’s and currently has a WHIP of 1.45.

Spending his 2021 at the complex in Florida after being drafted really helped Carter prepare for this season.

“I worked on a lot of stuff,” explained Carter. “I really tried to hone in on my body control, hone in on my delivery and I worked on all four pitches so I can throw them for strikes in any count.”

Be sure to follow Irv Carter, as he continues to mix in his 2-seam fastball again.