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Michael Turconi Enjoying the Transition to Pro Ball

Michael Turconi Enjoying the Transition to Pro Ball

August 23, 2022

Photo credit: Wake Forest University

Infielder Michael Turconi is hitting well for Low-A Dunedin since turning pro a month ago. Turconi, who is currently slashing .289/.378/.395 with an OPS of .773 after 38 at-bats; credits the competition he faced in the ACC for preparing him well for pro ball.

“It’s really good,” Turconi said of the competition. “You know every single weekend you’re going to go out and compete against some of the best guys in the country. I think it really prepared me for the next level.”

Turconi has noticed a difference between the college game and pro game during his first month in the Blue Jays’ system.

“In college you only show up a couple hours before the game and here you show up quite a bit of time before the game,” explained Turconi. “There are a lot of different factors in pro ball than you do in college. It’s also nice that I don’t have to focus on school anymore and I can put all of my focus into baseball. It’s been great.”

Entering pro ball with a simple plate approach is helping Turconi hit well so far, “I’m just trying to have a mature at-bat,” stated Turconi. “I just try to catch a barrel. That’s basically it. I’m just keeping it simple.”

Growing up as a middle infielder Turconi usually plays either second base or shortstop – but he can also play third base as needed.

Turconi talks about what he likes best about being a middle infielder, “I like pretty much being in every single play,” explained Turconi. “It’s a lot of responsibility which I really like. It keeps me in tune with the game.”

Be sure to follow Michael Turconi’s progress in pro ball for years to come.