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Braden Scott Fine-Tuning his Pitches

Braden Scott Fine-Tuning his Pitches

August 21, 2022

Left-handed pitcher Braden Scott is hoping to fine-tune his pitches after this season concludes next month. Scott, who primarily uses a three-pitch mix of a 4-seam fastball, a cutter, and a slider; is hoping to add some velo and a changeup to his repertoire this off-season.

“It’s definitely going to be velocity driven,” Scott said of his off-season plans. “I want to see if I can get a couple ticks up on the velo and I’m definitely going to be nailing down my secondary pitches. The cutter isn’t bad, but it could use some tune-ups. I get good profiles on the slider, but it needs to be consistent. And I’ll be trying to touch and feel for my changeup.”

His pitch mix has helped him climb the ladder quickly in 2022 as Scott has made it up to Double-A New Hampshire during his first season of affiliated baseball.

Pitching 55 2/3 innings to date; Scott has racked up 86 K’s and is holding hitters to a .219 average against him.

The lefty has noticed a more polished approach from the Double-A hitters, “It’s definitely their approach,” stated Scott. “When they come up to the plate you can definitely tell they have a more polished approach than a lot of guys do. It’s really trying to keep them off-balance and get them away from what they’re trying to do. Pitch to their weaknesses and kind of stay away from their high zones that they have and everything. I’d say that’s the big difference – mistakes get hit and executed pitches are where the success comes.”

Scott likes to throw his fastball everywhere and mix in his slider – a pitch he likes a lot.

“I like to throw my fastball up,” explained Scott. “But then again I’m a guy who takes pride in throwing it to four different parts of the plate. I try to work north, south, east, and west. Mixing the slider in there pretty heavily it’s been a really good pitch for me this year. I just started throwing it and I’m still learning the pitch. I’m excited for the rest of the season and to go into the off-season and really be able to work on that pitch and come back. I think it’s going to make my fastball even better.”

And with two secondary pitches that work towards his glove side, Scott talks about the decision-making process between using his slider and cutter.

“It depends on scouting reports and how we’re scouting guys swings and everything,” Scott added. “That comes into effect in when and where I’m going to throw the slider and cutter. You have to pick and choose your guys and combinations based off what you’re seeing from them in that moment and trends they’ve had throughout the season as well. It really kind of varies batter to batter.”

Scott also talks about the development of his changeup, “It’s not too bad right now,” explained Scott. “It’s definitely a work in progress. I threw a changeup a little bit in junior college but since then I haven’t thrown it a whole lot so I’m way out of practice. It’s starting to get better and everything. I’m starting to get a good feel for it and that’s another thing when the off-season rolls around. It gives you a lot of time to dive into a pitch and start to figure out the profiles and metrics of it. I’m excited to see what I can keep doing with that pitch.”

Be sure to follow Braden Scott, as he continues to pitch well in affiliated baseball and fine-tune his pitches.