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Josh Kasevich Comfortable on the Left Side of the Infield

Josh Kasevich Comfortable on the Left Side of the Infield

August 16, 2022

Photo credit: University of Oregon Athletics

Infielder Josh Kasevich is in his first month of pro ball after being the Toronto Blue Jays’ 2nd round pick (60th overall) a month ago.

“It was kind of crazy,” Kasevich said of his draft experience. “It was just me and my family. My girlfriend was there. We were just kind of waiting around. I think it started at 4 California time and I didn’t really hear anything until 8:30 or 9. We were just sitting around waiting and I finally got the call. It was awesome – it kind of made the whole day worth it.”

Kasevich made the trip to Dunedin shortly after the draft to take part in the Blue Jays’ draft camp – a memorable experience for the prospect.

“We did a two-week draft camp with all of the guys who were picked this year,” said Kasevich. “Great group of guys. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know them and the players on the Dunedin team. That has been my favorite part of pro ball so far.”

Appearing in games at shortstop and third base since turning pro is certainly a familiar role for Kasevich.

While at Oregon Kasevich played third base his freshman year and shortstop the following two seasons.

Kasevich talks about the differences between the positions, “At short it’s a little more about technique and how you approach the ball,” explained Kasevich. “At third it’s a little more about reacting, going side to side – so it was great getting the opportunity to do one my freshman year and get comfortable at short the next few years.”

Currently 6-for-27 at the plate for Dunedin; Kasevich discusses his current plate approach, “I just try to use all of the fields,” stated Kasevich. “Kind of hit it where it’s pitched type deal. Just a lot of barrels – a lot of hard-hit balls.”

And Kasevich is adjusting to professional pitching, “They throw a lot more off-speed in different counts,” explained Kasevich. “For example, 2-0 and 3-1 you’re not just going to get a groove fastball. People are going to put stuff in there in those counts.”

Be sure to follow Josh Kasevich, as he continues to be comfortable in the infield and adjust to pro pitching.