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Ryan McCarty Working Hard in Pro Ball

Ryan McCarty Working Hard in Pro Ball

August 15, 2022

Photo credit: Penn State-Abington Athletics

Prospect Ryan McCarty is an excellent all-around player who features a good bat and versatility in the field.

Known for his bat in college, McCarty slashed .529/.591/1.164 after 189 at-bats for Penn State-Abington in 2022.

His production at the plate has quickly transitioned over to pro ball as he is 5-for-15 so far for Low-A Dunedin.

McCarty talks about his current plate approach, “I’m looking to do damage in the heart of the plate,” explained McCarty. “I think that is one of the mottos around us now. They want us to get our best swing off and take chances early in the count. It allows me to go up there with this fearless mindset and it also allows me to accept failure as part of the game. I’m going to take my chances early with the off-speed pitches up in the zone and seeing the fastball down and being ready to hit any pitch.”

And McCarty has made a few adjustments to his preparation every day to help him hit higher velocities in pro ball.

“The biggest difference is the pitching,” McCarty said of the transition between college and pro. “I’m constantly seeing guys who are throwing 92 to 95. It’s a lot different than 83 to 86. The changeups are harder now than the fastballs in college. I think getting those reps in as much as possible is important. Every day I’m hopping on a machine and cranking that thing up to see the higher velo so I can get used to it. I think if I’m on the fastball – I can be on any other pitch as well.”

McCarty’s value goes beyond the batter’s box – but to the field as well.

With the ability to play any position, McCarty takes a lot of pride in his versatility, “It gives me a chance to play every day,” said McCarty. “I took everything seriously in college. Everyone hits every day. Of course, you’re practicing your swing every day. I think taking the time to build up arm strength and my running speed has allowed me to play anywhere in the field. I think it’s going to help me play a lot more and move up the ranks quicker.”

Appearing in games at first base and third base so far in pro ball; McCarty has been putting in extra work with D-Jays’ Manager Donnie Murphy at first base.

“Me and Donnie spent some extra time before the game at first base,” stated McCarty. “We worked on footwork, flips, and making sure everything was right.”

Keep an eye on Ryan McCarty’s progress in pro ball.