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Ricky Tiedemann Moving Quickly in the Blue Jays’ System

Ricky Tiedemann Moving Quickly in the Blue Jays’ System

August 14, 2022

Photo credit: milb.com

Left-handed pitcher Ricky Tiedemann has been one of the fastest moving prospects in the Blue Jays’ system. Tiedemann, who is currently ranked the top pitching prospect in the organization has gone from Low-A to Double-A this season.

“I think the biggest thing is the IQ of the batters in the batter’s box,” Tiedemann said of the different levels. “Every level I go up there’s more and more of a plan with them and you can see it. Some of them are taking pitches that I feel were great pitches, but they have a plan up there and they don’t really go off of their plan. I think every level you go up it gets better and better in that aspect.”

Pitching 72 2/3 innings so far this season; Tiedemann has racked up 110 K’s and has a WHIP of 0.89.

Finding success with a three-pitch mix of a 4-seam fastball, a slider, and a changeup; Tiedemann really likes to utilize the extra velocity his fastball has gained in pro ball.

“I know my fastball has gained a little bit of velo, so I use that, but I also know that I’m a good feel pitcher as well,” explained Tiedemann. “I know guys may be thinking I’m throwing more fastballs than I should be throwing. But I try to mix in pitches a lot to keep batters on their toes, so they don’t know what’s coming and I feel I’ve been pretty successful thus far.”

And Tiedemann feels just as comfortable throwing his off-speed pitches as he does his fastball.

Especially fond of his changeup, Tiedemann feels it’s his best pitch, “I think it’s good,” said Tiedemann. “It’s kind of been my bread and butter since I was a kid, so I’ve had that a long time. The more and more I throw it – the better feel I get with it. It’s just about keeping it the same and working from there.”

Seeing definite improvements with his slider since turning pro, Tiedemann is happy with its progression.

“I think I’ve developed it a little bit,” said Tiedemann. “Coming into this season I think just physically getting stronger I was able to throw it a little bit harder and get more swings and misses on it.”

“I think all of my off-speed and my fastball are in a good spot right now,” Tiedemann added. “There’s always room for improvements but they’re doing well right now.”

And Tiedemann’s physicality has improved all-around since being drafted, “After being drafted, I kind of took it more serious when it came to the weight room and eating right,” stated Tiedemann. “And all of it showed when I stepped on the mound the next time I was out there.”

Be sure to follow Ricky Tiedemann’s progress this season and for years to come.