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Jimmy Burnette Finding Consistency in Pro Ball

Jimmy Burnette Finding Consistency in Pro Ball

July 31, 2022

Photo credit: Thomas Nelshoppen

Left-handed pitcher Jimmy Burnette has been finding consistency since turning pro. And for Burnette that consistency is coming from his mindset on the mound.

“For me, it’s not getting too high or too low and good things happen,” said Burnette. “I just stay the same person whether good things or bad things happen.”

Pitching 37 1/3 innings so far this season; Burnette has racked up 63 K’s and is holding hitters to a stingy .197 average against him between High-A and Double-A.

Burnette talks about what he has noticed about the hitters he’s faced so far in Double-A, “Guys have a lot of pop and a lot of power,” explained Burnette. “They’ve got their approach – they foul off pitches and they battle. They remember things from previous at-bats, so you have to mix things up to keep them on their toes in the batter’s box.”

Currently using a three-pitch mix of a fastball, a slider, and a changeup; Burnette really likes to mix his fastball and slider to keep hitters off-balance.

“My fastball has good carry, ride, and run on it so I try to use it up in the zone and use my slider off of it,” stated Burnette. “I just kind of keep it simple.”

And his simple approach to pitching is helping Burnette find continued success in pro ball.

Entering pro ball with a curveball in his repertoire Burnette adjusted his pitch mix and it’s helping him significantly.

“I limited my repertoire a bit,” said Burnette. “I really just found what worked best for me and went with that.”

Burnette’s repertoire is playing well with his bullpen role – a role he really enjoys a lot.

“I like that you get more opportunities out there,” stated Burnette. “I’ve always enjoyed being a reliever. It’s higher stress situations and those always seem to be fun situations.”

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