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Addison Barger Putting in the Work

Addison Barger Putting in the Work

July 17, 2022

Photo credit: milb.com

Prospect Addison Barger has been on a tear during the 2022 season. Barger, who is currently slashing .309/.375/.550 after 278 at-bats; split between High-A and Double-A feels his off-season workload really prepared him well for this season.

“Me and my dad brought an iPitch,” said Barger. “It’s a machine that throws all kind of pitches. You can put the exact pitcher’s data in there and have live at-bats. They’re legitimate live at-bats where you can mix up the pitches. That was huge for me because I don’t get live at-bats in the off-season much. That was one thing I added this past off-season that really helped me with swing decisions, so I don’t chase out of the zone as much, so I worked on that a lot every day as well as getting as physical as possible.”

And his extra batting practice is paying off this season, as Barger currently has 37 extra base hits on the season which consists of 21 doubles, two triples, and 14 home runs.

Barger definitely sees himself as more of a power hitter than a line drive hitter, “I see myself as more of a power hitter,” stated Barger. “I want to be a power hitter that can drive the ball deep and hit homers and stuff.”

Currently on pace to break his extra base production from a year ago where Barger had 42 extra base hits; the prospect feels his increased production is from the progression of his plate approach.

“I work all off-season on my approach,” explained Barger. “Last season I hit for power. I feel my power numbers were good so this year it was more about making better swing decisions so that’s something I worked on a lot.”

Another area his approach has changed since turning pro is being more aggressive early in counts.

“I’m pretty much a totally different hitter than I was in the GCL,” Barger added. “I go up to the plate with a plan to look for one pitch and only try to hit that one pitch and hit it hard and be aggressive early in the count. When I was younger, I was a little more passive. I like walks, my plan was to walk and not be overly aggressive.”

Barger’s hard work goes beyond the plate but to the field as well. Appearing in games at all four infield positions since turning pro; Barger takes pride in his versatility.

“I’ll play anywhere they want me to play and wherever they feel will give me the best chance to move up,” said Barger. “I’ll play in the outfield, I’ll play anywhere. I’m willing to put the work in at any position whether that be second base, shortstop, third base, first base, whatever.”

Barger has appeared at shortstop for 37 games this season with an additional 22 games at third base.

“It’s a little bit different with the angles you have to take,” Barger said of third base. “It’s the hot corner so balls get on you quick, so you have to be quicker. There are different angles and footwork you have to do at third base, but it hasn’t been a terribly hard adjustment.”

Be sure to follow Addison Barger, as he continues to put up big numbers at the plate and be versatile.