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Trent Palmer Finding Consistency in Pro Ball

Trent Palmer Finding Consistency in Pro Ball

July 14, 2022

Photo credit: Jacksonville University Athletics

Right-handed pitcher Trent Palmer has been finding consistency since turning pro. And for Palmer that consistency comes from taking ownership in what he does well on the mound.

“I think the biggest thing is taking ownership in what I do well and using what I do well to my advantage,” said Palmer. “Obviously, we work on things that I struggle to do well with also. But when I go out to compete it’s to use the things that got me here and to continue to use them to the strengths of location and just the pitches that I have and the ability to change speeds.”

Pitching 55 1/3 innings to date this season between High-A and Double-A; Palmer has racked up 69 K’s and he’s maintaining a WHIP of 1.32.

Palmer has been extremely tough on hitters since his bump up to Double-A in May, as the righty is holding them to a stingy .190 average against him.

For Palmer it’s knowing his opponent that is helping him find success in Double-A.

“I think the biggest difference in Double-A and the lower levels is these guys have approaches,” stated Palmer. “There are scouting reports out on them, they have scouting reports on you, so it’s kind of a cat and mouse game. You’re just using your stuff to be able to get them out in spots they struggle to hit.”

Using four pitches in his repertoire Palmer features a fastball, a slider, a curveball, and a changeup.

Palmer likes to utilize his fastball early to work in his off-speed pitches, “I try to establish the fastball in to, righties and kind of away from lefties,” explained Palmer. “But I also like to sneak a couple in to keep hitters honest and for them to respect the fastball so I can use my off-speed to get swings and misses and weak contact.”

When his fastball is clicking, it helps Palmer utilize his best pitch, his changeup, “I think right now the changeup is the best pitch I’m able to throw,” Palmer added. “It’s got good speed differential from the fastball and a very good movement profile as well.”

Using his curveball and slider in very different ways Palmer likes his slider better.

“The slider is definitely ahead of the curveball,” said Palmer. “I only use the curveball every now and then as a change of pace pitch. I just kind of throw it over early to get ahead in counts and throw the other pitches later when they haven’t seen them yet.”

There’s another reason why Palmer likes his slider better than his curveball and that’s the tunneling aspect of the pitch.

“My fastball, slider, and changeup all tunnel very well,” explained Palmer. “And I think that’s why I rely on those three pitches much more than the curveball. It’s the ability of making one another look similar out of the hand and heading towards the same location.”

Be sure to follow Trent Palmer, as he continues to find consistency in the Blue Jays’ system.