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Brandon Eisert Climbing Up the Ladder

Brandon Eisert Climbing Up the Ladder

July 10, 2022

Photo credit: Oregon State University Athletics

Left-handed pitcher Brandon Eisert has climbed the minor league ladder quickly since turning pro. Eisert, who made his professional debut a year ago has made it up to Triple-A Buffalo in 2022.

Pitching 33 2/3 innings to date for Buffalo, Eisert has racked up 44 K’s and is holding hitters to a .222 average against him.

Eisert is finding success against the Triple-A hitters he has faced so far this year by executing his pitches.

“Based on hitters I’ve faced in the past in Triple-A when you make a mistake, they are more likely to make you pay for it, they punish mistakes,” explained Eisert. “They won’t be chasing bad pitches that aren’t close to the zone, they’re more patient. They come up there with a better gameplan and if you make a mistake, they’ll make you pay. If you’re able to execute what you want, you’ll have a better chance at success.”

Currently using a three-pitch mix of a 4-seam fastball, a slider, and a changeup; Eisert likes to get ahead early with his fastball so he can mix in his off-speed pitches.

“I try to locate the fastball and get ahead early,” stated Eisert. “Once you’re ahead you can mix up your pitches a little bit more. I can throw sliders away from lefties and down and in, to righties. It’s kind of the opposite with the changeup away from righties and down and in, to lefties just mixing the fastball and keeping hitters off-balance.”

And Eisert feels his 4-seam fastball and slider tunnel well off one another, “Yean, I think so,” Eisert added about pitch tunneling. “I think playing off those two pitches is able to keep hitters off-balance.”

Another aspect that Eisert enjoys is the adrenaline rush he gets when his name is called from the bullpen.

“Coming out of the bullpen you get that adrenaline rush when your name is called,” said Eisert. “Sometimes you have to get hot quickly and you’re in the game trying to help preserve a lead your team has or trying to keep the game close. I think that’s always an exciting part of it.”

One of Eisert’s biggest moments came when he got to pitch an inning in major league camp in March.

“Yeah, that was great,” stated Eisert. “It was perfect timing. My parents had come to visit so they got to watch that. It was great to throw in one of those games meet some of the guys on the team that I hadn’t really seen before and to get your name out there as I got to pitch in front of the coaches. That was great.”

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