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Damiano Palmegiani Putting Up Big Numbers at the Plate

Damiano Palmegiani Putting Up Big Numbers at the Plate

June 16, 2022

Photo credit: CSN Athletics

Prospect Damiano Palmegiani put in the work this past off-season for a 140-game workload. Palmegiani, who focused a lot on his strength training and pitch selection during the off-season is happy with his results so far.

“I knew before coming into this year that this season would be the longest one I’ve ever played, so one of my main goals was to put my body in a position where it could take this many games in a row,” said Palmegiani. “For me, it was a lot of mobility, a lot of strength training, a lot of yoga, durability stuff so I can stay on the field as much as possible. Baseball wise I really challenged myself with pitch selection stuff in the cage. I knew the pitches I’d see this year would be around the plate more than I’ve ever seen before. Pitch selection stuff, machine work, and staying mentally present were the big things.”

And the work is paying off as Palmegiani is putting up big numbers at the plate for Low-A Dunedin.

Currently slashing .257/.353/.513 with an OPS of .866 after 191 at-bats has been a nice start for Palmegiani.

Showing a lot of extra base power in 2022, Palmegiani already has 14 doubles, a triple, and 11 home runs.

“At the plate, it really depends pitcher to pitcher, and at-bat to at-bat,” explained Palmegiani. “But the one thing that stays consistent is I’m looking for a good pitch that I can put a good swing on. I want to be on time with my movements and I want to make sure if I get a pitch I can handle, something out over the plate or something elevated that I can put a good swing on it.”

While Palmegiani is putting up big numbers offensively, the prospect is also improving defensively.

Appearing in 41 games at third so far for the D-Jays, Palmegiani feels that his defensive play has improved.

“We take a routine just as importantly on defensive as we do offensively,” stated Palmegiani. “And I feel that this is the first year of my life that I’ve been consistently day in and day out working on the little things of my defense. It’s taking groundballs and pinpointing stuff that I’ve never looked at in that way before. I’d say it’s from working with a great staff, finding a good routine, and doing it every single day has naturally allowed me to become the third baseman that I feel I’ve always been.”

Also working a little bit at first base since turning pro, Palmegiani is learning a lot from the defensive coordinators and his teammates on how to play the position better.

“I feel it’s good,” said Palmegiani. “I feel the bigger bases gives me a little more freedom to move around. And I think not only learning from the defensive coordinators but other first basemen on my team who have a little more experience than me has helped me a lot. Every day I’m learning a little bit more and I feel it’s good.”

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