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Cameron Eden Enjoying the Outfield

Cameron Eden Enjoying the Outfield

May 25, 2022

Photo credit: Cal Athletics

Prospect Cameron Eden has found a new home in the Blue Jays’ organization. Eden, who entered pro ball as an infielder has made the transition to the outfield full-time last season.

“The transition has actually been a little more smoother than I thought it would be,” said Eden. “I think it took me a couple months to really get used to being in the outfield and tracking balls down. Now it feels very natural to me being in the outfield. It was kind of tough giving up the infield but I feel I’ve definitely found a home in the outfield.”

Already appearing in 90 games in centerfield since turning pro, Eden discusses his range in the outfield.

“I feel my range is pretty good,” Eden added. “I feel I can cover a lot of ground out there. It’s still something I’m working on and there’s room for improvements, but I feel comfortable with my range in the outfield.”

And with a lot of speed available, Eden can definitely cover a lot of ground in the outfield as well as use his speed to his advantage offensively.

“I think speed can be used in all parts of the game,” stated Eden. “Whether it’s beating groundballs out and putting pressure on the defense sometimes making them commit some errors. And on the base paths being able to take an extra base is always huge. That’s a big difference between a win and a loss sometimes. I’m always trying to steal a base when I can and get an extra base on a base hit. Those are always big.”

And Eden is hitting well at the plate so far this season. Slashing .324/.381/.568 with an OPS of .949 after 37 at-bats between Low-A and High-A has been great to see from the prospect.

Eden is putting up better numbers at the plate, thanks in part to his plate approach that has improved since 2019.

“I think that’s a big part of my transition to pro ball,” Eden said of his approach. “I think I struggled with that a lot in my first year. Now I feel I have found a little more security with it by simplifying it and looking for my pitch early in the count. I’m staying with my approach and not changing it to whatever the pitcher is doing. It’s always a work in progress, but I feel I’m in a pretty good spot sticking with my early approach and looking for a pitch I like and use that guy. I like fastball early in the count and kind of middle in.”

Be sure to follow Cameron Eden, as he continues to enjoy his outfield role and find continued success with his approach.