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Ryan Boyer Enjoying the Blue Jays’ Culture

Ryan Boyer Enjoying the Blue Jays’ Culture

May 14, 2022

Photo credit: Pitt-Bradford Athletics

Right-handed pitcher Ryan Boyer has joined the Blue Jays’ organization this year after playing one season of Indy ball. Boyer, who is still relatively new to the system is really enjoying the culture of the Blue Jays’ organization.

“Overall, I think the culture is very solid and everyone is able to get along well,” said Boyer. “It’s easy to build relationships with your teammates and coaches which I find very valuable. I don’t believe every organization is like this, so I really value that about the Blue Jays’ culture.”

Already appearing in games at two levels in 2022; Boyer started his year with Low-A Dunedin before a promotion to High-A Vancouver on April 27th.

The righty has performed well at both levels, as he has racked up 16 K’s, with a WHIP of 1.26 after 10 1/3 innings pitched between the two levels.

Boyer hasn’t noticed a big difference between the hitters in Low-A and High-A so far, “I think at both levels you see a lot of talented hitters. They’re not always polished-up just yet but the raw ability is noticeable,” explained Boyer. “I don’t believe there’s a huge jump from Low-A to High-A besides the age of guys which leads to slightly better approaches.”

Finding success on the mound with his two-pitch mix of a 4-seam fastball and a slider; has worked well for Boyer this season.

“Right now, I’ve decided to focus on these two pitches instead of worrying about a third pitch,” stated Boyer. “As a relief pitcher who throws an inning or two, I really just want to attack with my best two offerings.”

Using his fastball more than his slider, Boyer talks about how he works off his heater.

“Really, I’m just trying to be aggressive with my fastball and set up my slider off of that,” explained Boyer. “My fastball is my highest usage pitch, so I know hitters are always looking for it. I’m able to use that against them at times.”

Be sure to follow Ryan Boyer, as he continues to work hard out of the bullpen and enjoy the Blue Jays’ culture.