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Davis Schneider Adding to his Versatility

Davis Schneider Adding to his Versatility

May 2, 2022

Photo credit: Niall O’Donohoe

Prospect Davis Schneider has added to his versatility in the field this season by moving to the outfield. Schneider, who has been an infielder for his entire minor league career prior to 2022 is enjoying his new role.

“Playing in the outfield has been pretty smooth,” said Schneider. “It’s cool to see how different it is than playing in the infield with the angles, routes, and everything we have to do for it. But so far it hasn’t become anything that’s a struggle for me.”

Playing 10 of his 12 games so far this season in the outfield has given the Vancouver Canadians’ more ways to utilize Schneider.

Viewing his new role, as a way to get into the lineup more frequently, Schneider talks about the importance of versatility in today’s game.

“I believe versatility is a big part of today’s game,” explained Schneider. “If you can play multiple spots in the field, you have a better chance of being in the lineup and helping the team win. Being a one-dimensional fielder nowadays is really hard to be unless you’re hitting 20 plus homers and driving in a lot of runs.”

Schneider is also making adjustments to the increased pitchability of pitchers at the High-A level.

“High-A pitchers definitely throw a lot more off-speed with a lot more depth and break to them,” stated Schneider. “Depending on the organization that we are facing, some guys throw a lot more off-speed than the others. It’s just having to adjust pitcher to pitcher on what their off-speed is and how often they throw it.”

Be sure to follow Davis Schneider, as he continues to be versatile in the field and making adjustments at the plate.