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Ryan Gold Improving Behind the Plate

Ryan Gold Improving Behind the Plate

May 1, 2022

Photo credit: Renae Weaver

Catcher Ryan Gold has made several adjustments to his game since playing for Low-A Lansing in 2019. Gold, who has made adjustments to both his plate approach and his defense behind the plate goes into detail about the changes he has made to his game since his days in Low-A.

“I’ve improved in pretty much every area of my game,” explained Gold. “In the hitting aspect, I toned down a lot of moving parts to be more direct and explosive with my swings. It has helped me read pitch shapes better and be able to take the tough pitches easier. Catching, I’ve basically reinvented myself in the last two years in every aspect. My coaches and I have worked hard to get me to where I’m at. Receiving, throwing, and blocking have all gotten better due to body positioning and overall strength and flexibility.”

“The part I’m most proud of is my throwing,” Gold added. “I’ve worked extremely hard to become an average to above-average thrower. Went from like 20% caught stealing rate in 2019 to 32% in 2021. Hoping to build on that this year.”

Currently playing for Double-A New Hampshire, Gold is slashing .240/.345/.400 with an OPS of .745 after 25 at-bats in 2022.

Gold is enjoying the challenge of facing elite pitching every night this season as a member of the Fisher Cats.

“These guys know how to pitch,” said Gold. “Three or four pitch mix with one or two elite pitches every night. Velocity added in with pitchability makes for tough at-bats. Guys in Double-A are just one step away from the big leagues, so you’re seeing future big leaguers every night. I love the competition and seeing how well I match up to the best.”

Another area that Gold loves about catching is the pitch calling aspect, “Pitch calling and knowing my staff is my favorite part of my game defensively,” stated Gold. “Although, I improved a lot with receiving and throwing, game calling and being locked in and on the same page as the pitcher is more important than anything else. Taking pride in knowing your guys and putting down the right fingers confidently is the most important thing to me. You’re going to move levels and hopefully catch them in the bigs one day, so having that knowledge and friendship is super important.”

Keep an eye of Ryan Gold’s progress, as he continues to improve in every aspect of his game.