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Cullen Large Putting Versatility on Display in Buffalo

Cullen Large Putting Versatility on Display in Buffalo

April 21, 2022

Photo credit: milb.com

Versatile prospect Cullen Large has returned to Buffalo for another season with the Blue Jays’ Triple-A affiliate. Large, who spent his entire 2021 season with Buffalo really enjoys the stadium and the atmosphere of the city.

“Buffalo is a pretty cool city,” said Large. “There are a lot of good things about it, but now after the renovations the stadium is awesome. It’s a great place for fans to watch a game and its top-notch for us as players as well. There’s also a lot of great places to get wings of course.”

And the fans in Buffalo have enjoyed Large’s production at the plate so far in 2022. Currently slashing .364/.472/.477 with an OPS of .949 after 44 at-bats; has been a nice start for the prospect.

Being locked in on the right pitch to hit is the focal point of Large’s plate approach.

“If you get a pitch to hit, it’s very important not to miss it,” explained Large. “Pitchers are good enough to put you away after you miss a good pitch to hit.”

But it’s more than just his numbers at the plate that makes Large an asset to his team, it’s his versatility as well.

With the ability to play in the infield or the outfield; Large enjoys being able to fill-in the lineup as needed.

“Being able to fill-in the lineup is the biggest thing for sure,” stated Large. “At different points in the year I can play more of one or the other depending on what the team needs.”

Be sure to follow Cullen Large’s progress this season in Buffalo, as he works towards a major league call-up.