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Harry Rutkowski Finding Success with Two Arm Slots

Harry Rutkowski Finding Success with Two Arm Slots

January 5, 2022

Photo credit: Rutgers University

Left-handed pitcher Harry Rutkowski is preparing for a bigger workload in pro ball in 2022. Getting a brief taste of the experience last summer, Rutkowski logged 22 1/3 innings for the Low-A Dunedin Blue Jays.

Rutkowski impressed in his small sample size, as he struck out 24 batters, while maintaining a WHIP of 1.12 out of Dunedin’s bullpen.

What makes Rutkowski tough on opposing hitters is his ability to not just mix up pitches, but arm slots, too.

Currently throwing a fastball, a curveball, and a changeup out of an over-the-top delivery; Rutkowski also uses a fastball and a slider out of a sidearm delivery to keep hitters off-balance.

“I used to throw from both slots when I was younger, but I never really had the velocity from the sidearm slot, so I stopped using it in college,” explained Rutkowski. “One day I was kind of messing around and I threw sidearm in the bullpen with the radar gun in the back. My velocity was the same sidearm as over-the-top. The reason I stopped using the sidearm was I didn’t want to throw slower fastballs. But once I realized it was the same speed, I used it immediately. The Blue Jays love it.”

Getting ahead of counts with his changeup is something Rutkowski likes to do as well.

“It definitely depends on the batter, but I’m a big changeup guy,” said Rutkowski. “A lot of times I’m starting off with a changeup and working off that.”

And with the changeup being a big pitch in pro ball, the Toronto Blue Jays coaching staff loves what Rutkowski brings to the mound.

“Anything you can throw for strikes and get swings and misses they’re all for,” stated Rutkowski. “I get a lot of swings and misses with my changeup. I literally throw it down the middle. I’m not aiming for corners or doing anything crazy with it. That’s my deal with my changeup, and I try to throw as many changeups as possible.”

Be sure to follow Harry Rutkowski’s progress in 2022, as he continues to be tough on hitters with his two arm slots.