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Spencer Horwitz Finds Success with New Approach

Spencer Horwitz Finds Success with New Approach

December 27, 2021

Prospect Spencer Horwitz found success at the plate in the later stages of the 2021 season, as well as the Arizona Fall League, thanks in part to his new plate approach.

Entering pro ball without much of an approach, Horwitz found himself in a tough place early in the season, so he worked with Vancouver Canadians’ Hitting Coach Ryan Wright to improve his offensive approach.

“My approach in 2019 was to hit it where it’s pitched and just trust my hands and eyes to work,” explained Horwitz. “I got away with that for a portion of my 2021 but struggled greatly in June and July. This forced me to look at my game, not just physically, but also my approach. I talked with our hitting coach Ryan Wright, and we found holes in my offensive approach. It’s crazy what a shift of thought can do when in the box. It took me from being on the defense in the box to being on the attack.”

The new offensive approach helped Horwitz immensely throughout the remainder of the season, as the prospect slashed .294/.400/.462 with an OPS of .862 in 2021.

His impressive numbers landed Horwitz on the Mesa Solar Sox roster during the Arizona Fall League season, too.

In Mesa, Horwitz slashed .375/.459/.484 with an OPS of .944 in 64 AFL at-bats.

But for Horwitz, it wasn’t the great numbers that he took away most from his AFL experience, it was the opportunity to learn more about himself as a hitter.

“My biggest takeaway from the AFL experience is that you have to stay open,” said Horwitz. “I learned that my game is going to constantly evolve even when things are going well. Little tweaks here and there are necessary, even when you’re at your best to continue to grow as a player.”

Entering pro ball as a first baseman, who can play in the outfield as needed; Horwitz is looking to add some mobility this off-season to be more versatile moving forward.

“I want to get stronger and increase my mobility this off-season,” stated Horwitz. “I think a big part of what’s holding me back from playing multiple positions at a high level is my lack of mobility. I’ve made this a priority of my off-season, and I feel good about my progress.”

Be sure to follow Spencer Horwitz in 2022, as he continues to evolve at the plate, and become more versatile in the field.