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Andrew McInvale Enjoying his Bullpen Role

Andrew McInvale Enjoying his Bullpen Role

June 29, 2021

Andrew McInvale
Photo credit: Liberty University

Right-handed pitcher Andrew McInvale is putting together an excellent 2021 season out of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats bullpen.

Making 13 appearances for the Blue Jays’ double-A affiliate after an early season promotion from Vancouver; McInvale has a WHIP of 1.21 and a 12.2 K/9 ratio for the Fisher Cats.

Finding success this season using a fastball and a slider combo; McInvale says he feels comfortable throwing his fastball anywhere at anytime.

“I like to attack with the fastball,” explained McInvale. “Typically you’ll see me throw it up in the zone more, but I really just go where the hitter dictates. I feel comfortable throwing it anywhere.”

And even though, McInvale has been mostly a two-pitch guy this year, he’s been working in a new pitch to his repertoire.

“I’ve been mainly fastball and slider this year, but I’m also working in a splitter,” said McInvale. “I’ve used the splitter a little bit recently, and it’s been producing good results in games.”

All of this will help McInvale moving forward, as he continues to face hitters with an advanced plate approach.

McInvale feels like he got a leg up on the competition this spring from working with his teammates.

“The double-A hitters have a refined approach compared to some of the hitters at the lower levels,” stated McInvale. “With that being said, I feel like the best hitters in the league are on my team. I got a good taste of what pitching at this level would be like during spring training. Those boys got me right.”

Having fun with his bullpen role is something that McInvale and his teammates do every outing.

“I call it the shuffle. When we hear the first ring of the bullpen phone everyone starts shuffing around looking for their stuff to get ready,” said McInvale. “It cracks me up! But seriously the adrenaline you get when you come in to pick up the starter with runners on base or to close out a game is second to none!”