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Ryan Sloniger Excited to be Back

Ryan Sloniger Excited to be Back

May 6, 2021

Photo credit: Penn State Athletics

Catcher Ryan Sloniger is excited to begin his first full season of professional baseball with the low-A Dunedin Blue Jays.

Sloniger, who burst onto the scene two years ago when he slashed .304/.379/.551 in 158 at-bats between Bluefield and Vancouver; is back and ready to showcase his skills during a five-month season.

“I’m looking forward to being back on the field with the guys after a long layoff,” said Sloniger. “I’m really excited about playing a full season, though, just being able to get into that rhythm over a five-month stretch is what I’m excited about most. I’m really looking forward to building off my short-season and see where it takes me through a 120-game season.”

Notching 18 extra base hits in short-season, which included: seven doubles, a triple, and 10 home runs; is something Sloniger wants to build off with his more disciplined plate approach this season.

“I think I have more of an understanding of what makes me at my best as a professional hitter and my swing is in a great spot right now,” explained Sloniger. “My approach every time I get in the box will allow me to hit and just be me.”

Focused on more than just being a great hitter at the plate, Sloniger put extra work in on his defensive game during the layoff.

Focusing primarily on his mobility and footwork last year, Sloniger has noticed improvements with his defensive game this spring.

“I put a lot of work in on my hip mobility so that puts me in a better position all-around behind the plate,” stated Sloniger. “I worked on a more efficient glove path and cleaned up my transfers and footwork. I worked on being more explosive out of my footwork, and I saw immediate results this spring throwing guys out.”

Be on the lookout for Ryan Sloniger this season and for years to come.