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Trevor Schwecke is Versatile in the Field

Schwecke has played all four infield positions for Vancouver

Trevor Schwecke is Versatile in the Field

August 13, 2019

Photo credit: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Athletics

Photo credit: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Athletics


Infielder Trevor Schwecke has transitioned nicely to pro ball, as the versatile prospect has found success in both phases of the game with the short-season Vancouver Canadians.

And for Schwecke that isn’t surprising, as the infielder has kept his plate approach fairly similar to the one he used at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“My approach hasn’t changed very much between college and pro ball,” explained Schwecke. “I have shortened my swing up a bit since transitioning to Vancouver, but that’s it.”

His approach is working, as Schwecke currently has a line of .272/.374/.355 with an OPS of .729 after 169 pro at-bats.

But for the prospect, it’s his ability to being versatile in the field that sets him apart.

Appearing in games at all four infield positions in 2019 has helped Schwecke see the field regularly since turning pro.

Drafted in the 13th round as a shortstop, Schwecke has logged the majority of his innings at first base with Vancouver.

But despite his extra time at first, his frame, and bat fits better as a middle infielder moving forward.

And for Schwecke, he’s happy playing anywhere on the field, as he feels versatility is important for continual progression in the minor leagues.

“Being as versatile as possible is a tool I place extreme importance on,” said Schwecke.  “I believe this will only help me moving forward.”

Another thing that will help Schwecke moving forward is improving at the plate against professional pitching.

“The biggest transition has been the movement that pitchers have on their primary pitches,” stated Schwecke. “The professional pitchers get a lot more movement on their 2-seam fastballs, cutters, and sinkers.”

Be sure to follow Trevor Schwecke’s progress as he continues to be reliable at both phases of the game.