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Catcher Ryan Sloniger Reliable Behind the Plate

Sloniger has found success both at the plate and behind it too

Catcher Ryan Sloniger Reliable Behind the Plate

July 15, 2019

Photo credit: Penn State Athletics

Photo credit: Penn State Athletics


Catcher Ryan Sloniger has found success in both phases of the game in the early stages of his pro career.

Currently slashing a .353/.421/.549 line with a .970 OPS after 51 at-bats split between Bluefield and Vancouver; has been a great place to start at the plate.

A major component to his success at the plate is his approach that has extra base potential every night.

“I feel my plate approach translates really well to pro ball,” explained Sloniger. “I’ve had a lot of success with it so far. It worked in college, too, but it’s a different style of game there. I’m looking to do damage every at-bat and I’m hunting a pitch that I can hit a double on with every swing.”

And that extra base power has been there so far in his pro career, as Sloniger has already recorded a double and three home runs in his 18 pro hits.

While he has found success at the plate, it’s being behind the plate that is really important for a catcher.

And for Sloniger his role as a backstop is something that he takes tremendous pride in, as he feels that he has a high baseball IQ when it comes to calling a good game.

“I believe I bring a high quality baseball IQ for calling a game,” said Sloniger. “As a catcher, I’m a guy that works really hard on communicating with the pitching staff and building that relationship for them to then trust me when we are on the field together.”

Another aspect that he is enjoying is his opportunity to work with a professional pitching staff.

“I love working with a pro pitching staff,” stated Sloniger, who currently has a .987 fielding percentage in pro ball. “They come with a great approach to work every day.”

Be sure to follow Ryan Sloniger’s progress, as he continues to find success in pro ball for years to come.