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Davis Schneider Working Hard at Second Base

Schneider has transitioned to second base from third base

Davis Schneider Working Hard at Second Base

July 6, 2019

Photo credit: Joe Avento

Photo credit: Joe Avento


Infielder Davis Schneider is getting acclimated to playing second base this season in Vancouver. Schneider, who was drafted as a third baseman in 2017 feels second base fits his frame better moving forward.

“I came in as a third baseman, but now I’m transitioning to second base, so I can be more versatile,” explained Schneider. “And because of my frame I’m more suited for second base rather than third base. Second base hasn’t been a big change from third base. Obviously, there’s stillĀ  a few things I need to work on, but I’m comfortable there as I am at third.”

Logging 79 innings so far at second in 2019; Schneider has assisted on 25 plays, and has taken part in six double plays without committing an error.

Finding success at the position, thanks to the hard work he put into his footwork at second base this spring.

“In extended spring training I was working on my footwork at second, and trying to get to balls quicker with my feet.” said Schneider.

Another area Schneider focused on this spring was his hitting, “At the plate, I was just trying to be more aggressive early in the counts and just hunting the heater.”

And his ability to hunt the fastball is something that Schneider always focuses on with his plate approach.

“My approach at the plate has always been to see a lot of pitches and work the count,” stated Schneider. “But in pro ball, pitchers have more command and can locate way better. So now I have to be more aggressive early, but still be smart at the plate and hunt the fastball.”

Still adjusting to his aggressive approach, Schneider has only picked up six hits in his 40 at-bats this season. While, he continues to work hard on that aspect of his game; Schneider has also picked up six walks in his last 10 games, which has risen his OBP to .300 on the season.

Fans will definitely want to follow Davis Schneider’s progress both in the field, and at the plate in 2019.