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RHP Jackson Rees Working Hard on the Mound

Rees is having a great season in 2019

RHP Jackson Rees Working Hard on the Mound

June 25, 2019

Photo credit: Miguel Arcaute / Lansing Lugnuts

Photo credit: Miguel Arcaute / Lansing Lugnuts


Right-handed pitcher Jackson Rees is on the fast track to an increased workload at higher levels.

Rees, who has already pitched 33 1/3 innings between Lansing and Dunedin in 2019; has been completely dominant at both levels. With a WHIP of 0.75, a K/9 ratio of 14.6, and an opponent batting average of just .158; there’s little doubt that Rees is a name worth remembering in the Blue Jays’ system.

His success on the mound comes from the movement that he gets on all of his pitches. Using mostly a mix of a 4-seam fastball, a 2-seam fastball, and a slider; has definitely helped Rees all year.

“I make sure everything is moving, fastball included,” explained Rees. “Whether I’m throwing my 2-seamer or trying to add some cut on my 4-seam fastball. Doing this allows me to keep hitters off-balance, and makes sure they can’t sit on a single pitch.”

While, he has found success all season with his fastball, Rees best pitch is his slider.

“I utilize my slider by throwing it in all counts, no matter the situation,” said Rees. “I’m so comfortable throwing it, that its like throwing a fastball to me and sometimes I throw my slider to get my fastball back on track. Having the slider is everything to me, because when hitters lock in on one pitch, it’s easier to throw off that pitch and be effective.”

Even though Rees has found success this season with his fastballs and slider; the prospect is developing two additional pitches in his repertoire for more options moving forward.

The first pitch he is working on is a changeup, “My changeup is definitely a work in progress pitch, and I’ve been really trying to lock it in, as it can be a very nice addition to my mix of pitches,” stated Rees. “I’ve been fiddling with some different grips and finding ones that are more comfortable than others.”

And the second pitch he is working on is a curveball, which he uses as a get me over pitch.

“The curveball is a pitch I’m playing around with,” Rees added. “So far it’s a get me over pitch in a 0-0 count. The curveball helps me get a strike early on guys who are sitting fastball or slider.”

Whether, it’s his great numbers, or his determination to expand his repertoire, Toronto Blue Jays fans will definitely want to remember the name Jackson Rees.