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RHP Sam Ryan is Strong Out of the Bullpen

Ryan puts up big numbers in the later innings

RHP Sam Ryan is Strong Out of the Bullpen

June 6, 2019

Photo credit: VCU Athletics

Photo credit: VCU Athletics


Right-handed pitcher Sam Ryan had a big junior season with VCU. Ryan, who only allowed 14 earned runs, while maintaining a WHIP of 1.19 in 51 innings pitched in 2019; is ready to make the jump to pro ball this summer.

His big season began with him transitioning to the bullpen. While, it was a slight change to what he did during his sophomore season, Ryan liked the challenges his new role presented to him.

“The best part about the bullpen is every situation is important, and every inning is a meaningful inning,” stated Ryan, who was selected in the 12th round. “It’s the situations you live for, slamming the door on someone. Plus, you get to throw as hard as you can. Who wouldn’t like that?”

But, Ryan features more than just a fastball, as he also features: a slider, a changeup, and a curveball in his repertoire.

Focused on adding to his pitches soon, Ryan admits that he might add a cutter to his arsenal.

“I accidentally threw a cutter one day and have successfully repeated the pitch,” explained Ryan. “So, who knows, maybe I’ll add that.”

And as you might expect from working out of the bullpen, Ryan likes to work off his fastball, as his heater sets up his off-speed pitches nicely.

“I think every pitch sets up the next pitch and working off the fastball does just that,” explained Ryan. “Throwing a fastball up late correctly is not only a tough pitch to hit, but it also sets up a curveball, because they come out of the same tunnel.”

But it’s not just about the curveball, as Ryan can also set up changeups and sliders with his fastball.

“Fastballs in set up changeups away,” said Ryan. “And fastballs out set up sliders down and away for me.”

Be sure to follow Sam Ryan’s progression for years to come.