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Infielder Nick Podkul is Putting Up Big Numbers in Lansing

Podkul is finding success at both phases of the game

Infielder Nick Podkul is Putting Up Big Numbers in Lansing

May 11, 2019

Photo credit: Miguel Arcaute

Photo credit: Miguel Arcaute


Infielder Nick Podkul is putting up big numbers in both phases of the game for the low-A Lansing Lugnuts.

Podkul, who is currently on a 21-game on-base streak for the Lugnuts’ and is carrying a .284/.420/.379 line in 95 at-bats this season.

A major component to his .420 OBP is his 21 walks on the season, which places him tied for 6th place in the Midwest League.

Getting more walks than strikeouts is something, Podkul is striving for in 2019.

“I do take pride in being a disciplined hitter,” explained Podkul. “I try to get on base as much as possible, so that means I want to walk more than I strikeout. In the past I’ve been a bit too selective at the plate, so this year I’m working on being more aggressive while still keeping that same discipline in getting my pitch.”

Podkul is more than a disciplined hitter, though – he is also reliable at two positions.

Currently splitting time between second and third base this season in Lansing; Podkul discusses what he likes best about playing two different positions.

“I do like splitting time between second and third base,” said Podkul. “Defense is something that I take a lot of pride in. It’s good to be versatile and to play multiple positions.”

And his versatility is showing this season, as he currently has a .969 fielding percentage in 129 innings at second, and a .960 fielding percentage in 114 innings at third.

Seeing some obvious differences between the two positions; Podkul describes the different challenges he faces at second and third.

“There are differences between the two positions,” stated Podkul. “At second base, you have a bit more time to make the play. However, you need to cover more ground in the infield compared to third base. At third, it’s all about reaction and your first step, plus the throw needs to be quick and accurate. Either way, it’s just see ball, catch ball, throw ball. Keep it simple.”

Be sure to follow Nick Podkul’s defensive game, and disciplined plate approach this season in Lansing, and for years to come.